Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Odd time of year

...between Christmas and New Year is always an odd time of year. I usually go into work but the past few months have been so busy I thought "*** it," I'll have the week off.

Naturally I was hoping to paint for the December unit is way behind schedule Of course Christmas has got in the way, visiting, eating, visiting, drinking, visiting, eating etc etc. Also new books in one's stocking. I received "Slaughterhouse Five" which I hadn't read since a student - so that was Christmas evening sorted (with a nice Stilton and glass of port). Even better than I remembered.

Today however I was rebasing Napoleonics and 6mm to boot. I think the fourth rebasing that these guys have been on. Now on regimental bases of two inches square, quite a change from Charge!. A couple of corps in an A4 lever arch box file! Piccies will follow once complete.

Even worse I was perusing Plastic Soldier Review and the Impetus site whilst digesting another ample lunch. Mmmm interesting; now what period/continent have we not tried? And there was a review of Zvezda Samurai. Very pretty too and a 9/10 review from PSR. Perhaps a little look at ebay wouldn't hurt, Aaaaaaarggggghhh caught again. Now I wonder if Amazon has an Osprey on XVI century Japan, 'cos I don't have a clue.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas begins

The family tradition, when I was a child, was that the Christmas tree and decorations would only begin to appear after December 13 - dad's birthday. This year was the old man's eightieth so the great day has taken up even more of our thoughts than usual. And began with a game of golf on a frosty Saturday morning!

Today we made our way to Birmingham to visit the Frankfurt market! Odd but true.
Gluhwein and pretzels in the English Midlands.