Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Campaign 1735

After much deliberation including visits to the tomes of Bath and Featherstone, I have decided to KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I add things up all day at work so I have decided against a book keeping type of campaign.

So almost back to the original plan, but I am going with a campaign tree based on a number of choices from Scenarios for Wargamers. The idea is the that the next battle will be the sort of scenario expected from the result of the one just fought. This won't give the unexpected twists and turns but that's difficult playing by oneself. The aim is to have a simple game of soldiers without too much thought involved and to work out the simplest possible set of rules that give a feel for C18 battles.

We start with Chance Encounter. Which will be followed by Holding Position no matter who wins.

So the table is set and off we will go.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Plans for new table

Just back from a fun weekend in Cardiff which hosted the British Speedway Grand Prix again. A great event in a lovely city. Great fun with speedway fans from all over the world, but can those Polish lads drink!

So not had time to take advantage of the new battlefield in the shed. Just 6 feet by four feet of mdf it takes up half the avaiable space but leaves plenty of room for a comfy chair and a shelf on which currently sits a large glass of merlot. Figures and terrain sit underneath.  I no longer have to clear the dining table and I'll be able to leave a part completed game on table. It's also painted a nice desert sand colour on the reverse side should the need arise.

The short term plan is to revisit Scenarios for Wargamers by CS Grant. The book suggests a table size of 7' by 5' but my units of thirty infantrymen have a frontage of about eight inches, less than two thirds that of Brigadier Grant's fifty four man battalions so there should be no problem there.

I have chosen a dozen suitable scenarios from the book and rather than have campaign tree each scenario will be randomly chosen with the throw of a D12. The army that wins three games in a row wins the "campaign" and will no doubt erect a suitable monument and produce an ostentatious medal.

I think the loser of a game will become the defender or the side with fewer units in the following game but I may have to think about this.

Rules will be my one brain cell old school rules based on The Wargame and Charge!