Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spring Projects

... any way HOTE was great fun and will be returned to. However DBA for the seven years war proved to be less successful. Too much back and forth to my eyes so it will be be a return to square one, which was a pretty fun square as I recall.

Enough of things square: the past few weeks have been a bit hectic at work, as well the Old Duchess turning 50, but I have squeezed in a couple of little projects a la wargame.

I have found that the only way to get painting is to decide to play a game for which I do not possess the figures. So in the four weeks between discussing to revisit Crossfire, the WW2 game guaranteed to give a headache, I had to get a battalion of French painted up to repel the damned Bosch.

Mostly Forged in Battle with Peter Pig I sloshed on the washes and good old Vallejo sepia shade.

At arms length, and with my myopic vision, they'll do a job, and of course won't be on table too long.

These guys show off their "suppressed" marker of which the French require an awful lot.

Needless to say the French did not do particularly well against their grey coated foe and were, in fact, well hammered. And yes the rules gave me a headache. Not because of their complexity for they are quite simple but, as it was for sergeant le Blanc in 1940, every decision is important and mistakes can mean disaster for one's platoon. Oh the stress of throwing a dice!

Secondly I have put away the squared board for the moment as the spring sunshine (ironic smile) has led me to clear out the old shed and I have erected a small but perfectly formed wargames table on which I can return to Fromagere in the not too distant future. A blast of trumpets and 21 gun salute!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!

A range stick awaits the arrival of the Duc de Fromage.