Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter plans

It's been a productive few months and I've started and completed the British Empire half of the  KISS Rommel project in about eight weeks. (As expected Richard completed his half too). We had our first game at the weekend and it was excellent. Seven of us played using rules none of us had played before and five hadn't even read. We fought a fun and tense game to it's conclusion in about three and a half hours. A minor British victory too.

I have been reading with great interest Mr Cordery's Portable Wargame project.

 My games at home are dependent upon the dining table, not the most practical solution when it also needs to be used for homework, sewing, drawing and even dining.

I have had a quick go at the portable wargame using a chess board and had a bit of fun with it but felt constrained. The idea is intriguing and no doubt the shed will offer up a larger piece of mdf I can draw a few more squares on.  A two foot square "table" would give 15 by 15 squares of 40mm. This would fit nicely on the coffee table in front of my comfy chair or even on my lap. This could keep me going through the long winter nights.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A few other things..

Only just noticed the time lag between the last two posts  - well over two months! 

Sadly nothing has happened in the Wine and Cheese campaign but I have been busy with other projects.

I have painted a division of 10mm Turks for the Crimea (I have no idea how I fell for that one). We had a cracking game on Sunday, but sadly no pictures. We used Black Powder but may try a Fire & Fury variant next time

Also I have furtled up a Nine Years War army that has been languishing in the attic for years.

A long time ago we bought quite a few painted Dixons from a bring and buy. I tried to touch up the poor old veterans but when I sprayed them with matt varnish I got the dreaded white powder finish. Probably due to atmospheric conditions. Into the attic they went. However when I was browsing TMP I came across a potential solution. Simple paint them with gloss varnish. And it only worked. 

I quite like the shiny look

I have based them up intending to use Baroque Impetus rules.

Finally I am working on a 6mm desert war British army c1941. I am not a great fan of WW2 due mostly to the complex nature of the rules, and lack of tricorns, but Richard has discovered KISS Rommel. A relatively old set resurrected by freewargamesrules. They look very simple and include a nice campaign system as well.

So that's what's on the bench in castle vallejo for October.

These Honeys will instil fear into the D.A.K., possibly.

Elblingberg - the conclusion

The Fusiliers de Brie pressed on but the fire from the defending Schereube Regiment was again devastating. It was all or nothing and the depleted fusiliers charged....

in vain. Closing fire disordered the fusiliers who retreated  in haste. 

In the centre the last throw of the dice for Fromagere and the Comte were ordered to advance and make the advantage in infantry numbers tell.  Georgia of Weinpfalz launched the reserve in the form of the Dragoner Blau. (as I had hoped to see how the rules worked).

Luck (?) deserted Weinpfalz and a third of the dragoons were laid low by closing fire and they would have the withdraw before making contact.

On the flank Weinpfalz also launched their yellow dragoons and broke the Schabzigers who  falling below half strength routed.

The Duke knew the game was up and the bluecoats were fortunate that nightfall would cover their retreat.