Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mini Campaign II "Rear Guard"

The Duke de Fromagere had hoped, nay expected, to be enjoying the delights of his marriage to the Countess Wilhelimina by now but instead found himself sitting on an uncomfortable settle in the dreary tavern of the village of Seibert. It was, however, at least warm and dry which was more than could be said for he rest of his army that camped in the rain outside the village.

The defeat of his army at Elblingberg had been followed by a rapid retreat to the River Wein before the Weinpfalzers could rally and reinforce and turn defeat into disaster.

The Fromagere army had made their way to the Wein in good order and with minimal interference from the inadequate light forces of the Weinpfalzers. However the withdrawal stalled on the river side due to the loss of pontoons on the spring torrent and as the engineers and pontoniers toiled the enemy drew nearer. 

By early morning of the following day the cavalry began to clatter across the planks of the pontoon bridge followed by the slower ox drawn supply wagons. Through the misty dawn light however the pickets could make out the the advance columns of the Weinpfalz army marching down the hills less than a mile away. The Duke must stand and fight with the forces he has left rather than risk being caught crossing the bridge and hopefully evacuate the remaining forces overnight.

The Fusiliers de Brie take advantage of timber from the nearby wood to defend their position. 

Fromagere have but three battalions and three guns to hold back the Weinpfalz forces arrayed before them. If they can hold them back for just twelve moves they can withdraw in safety to fight another day.

Count Otto sees the right flank of the enemy as the weak point and sets up his two batteries on the hill. The bombardment begins.

After three moves the artillery has taken it's toll on the Roquefort Regiment and the Count orders an outflanking movement on the left by the Rieslings whilst the other gray coats advance along the line. The Dragon Blau are ordered to the left to follow up. In a couple of moves musketry replaces the roar of the "grand battery" which limbers up and advances too. 

The bluecoats behind the redoubt and in the village have enough cover to counter to numerical advantage of Weinpfalz but the Roqueforts fall understrength and begin to fall back. The artillery  piece tries to cover but is lost to a charge by the Rieling Regiment. And after much manoeuvring the Blue Dragoons charge into the withdrawing Roqueforts and ride them down.

The grand battery unlimbers and begins to shell the village. The Fusiliers de Brie withdraw from the redoubts and take cover in the village with the second Roquefort battalion. Their combined musketry begin to take it's toll and in the centre the second Rieslings fall under strength and have to withdraw.

On move twelve the second Roqueforts fall under strength and would have to withdraw but night falls and the village and bridge are still held.

 The Duke wins the game but the campaign continues.