Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Short Interlude

If you consider 15mm to be short.

The Battle of Moselle (July 2009) was a thinly disguised Lobositz (1756) scenario using Volley and Bayonet rules.

Three Allied columns advanced down from the hills to face a French force stretching from the walled farmland on their right across the valley to the marshy stream. A Saxon force held the village of Sullowitz and a Reichsarmee force was behind the stream.

The Allies outnumbered the French by about 15% in base numbers but almost all bases were one strength point stronger and their morale one or two points better.

On the hill British light dragoon swept aside French Hussars with ease. Generaljimbo commanding the French prophesied that it looked like it was to be a quick game. The foot however could make little impression on the French behind the stone walls.

On the Allied right the Prussians did not hesitate in attacking the village held by the Saxons although the artillery proved ineffective even at short range. Two well placed dragoon regiments threatened any possible Reichsarmee movement over the stream.
In the centre the British pressed on. Too quickly it proved as both their batteries were lost to enemy light cavalry before even unlimbering. The British cavalry charged forward and pushed back the French horse but with little damage done to either. There proved to be no movement into the resultant hole however and Louis' horsemen rallied and the British repelled with heavy losses.

The hole in the centre was swiflty plugged as the Allies attacked along the line - but to little effect. In fact the French (as stationary troops) were dishing out a lot of punishment as 6 followed 6.

Almost simultaneously the morale of the Prussians and the British centre collapsed and the red and blue swept back whence they came.

The outflanking movement on the hill proved too little too late and against the odds the French had won a famous victory. Generaljimbo's prophesy proved to be correct but not quite as expected.
(photos courtesy of Generaljimbo, honorary captain of the Black Tower)


  1. Great battle report and photos! Thanks...

  2. Thanks for the report. I've never read the VnB rules, but they've been mentioned a lot . . . however I've been turned off by the photos showing lots of labels on the tabletop.

    I very much appreciate seeing a VnB battle without all of those labels cluttering up the look of the battle. Thank you.

    -- Jeff

  3. I'm with you Jeff, i don't like labelling of bases. For V & B we have a simple, unobtrusive, tri-colour code on the rear of the 3mm thick bases. Our group seems to have moved to one base = one unit rules such as V&B and also Impetus. When I unleash the Charge! rules and 60 individual based figures per unit there may be a riot. Can't wait.

  4. ah yes, ineffective artillery ... the big surprise for new lace wars gamers!
    I recall one game in which the foe had militia defending an estate ... the house was reduced to rubble while the militia continued to stand unscathed!

  5. Nice battle report

    -- Allan

  6. Thanks for the repor
    You are basing the infantry in 3x1,5 and the cavalry in 3x1,5.
    is this correct?