Friday, 14 August 2009

Regiment Spatburgunder

Weinpfalz almost has it's second regiment of foot.

The Regiment Spatburgunder just needs a little furtle and it will be battle ready.
I find painting over 50 figures a go quite tedious and also a literal pain in the neck. But I set myself the reasonable target of one unit a month and after ten weeks I have two regiments and one half done. I think an artillery battery might be next though.

Regiment Spatburgunder in line.
A while ago I lost "The Wargame" by Charles Grant to a wargame friend who promptly left the country. "C'est la Brie" as they say in Fromagere. However good old Amazon came up trumps last week with a second hand copy for £10.00 from a library in southern England.

While I am a "Charge o phile" The Wargame is a good read full of lovely OSW piccies and an idea or two I might adopt to fill out the lack of morale rules in Charge.
Also in the last week I have received some nice samples of Wodensfeld Seven Years War figures from John Cunningham of Vintage 20mil. Not true 20mm more like 24mm and anatomically realistic.

I have just given it a quick paint job to show it compared to a Revell of the Spatburgunder Regiment (with a Musketeer Miniature GNW Russian as a comparison to "28mm").
Almost a perfect match. Unfortunately only French infantry at the moment but there are 36 poses in the range.


  1. Nice looking regiment. I wish I was achieving as good a rate of painting as you are, but I just got totally distracted from SYW by a batch of Colonial figures I recently acquired.
    John Cunningham is a great man, keeping these older ranges alive.

  2. A good-looking regiment in an original, pleasant outfit!

  3. Ah, I know what you mean about grinding your way through piles of figures at the painting-table! I like the 'one-a-month' target, though. I might have to borrow that idea!