Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bunker Hill (again and again)

Unfortunately my camera has gone awol so no piccies of a fun afternoon with Birmingham Wargamers.

General Jimbo set up a very nice interpretation of Bunker Hill terrain so with 15mm armies and a set of Volley and Bayonet we set about changing history.

We began the first game at 14:45. The main force of red coated Brits advanced manfully through the disordering terrain ignoring the inaccurate fire of the light guns in the redoubt. The British grenadiers and light troops moved around the flank of hill.

14:55 hours - two British regiments assault the corner of the redoubt to bring two line units against one militia. With a morale rating of 5 only a throw of 6 could fail; of course Jim throws two 6s. With sterling defensive throws against the now disordered red coats the initial attack is repulsed. On the rebels' left the fire of the Grenadiers and light troops prove ineffectual. The militia however prove to be good marksman and the Grenadiers take casulaties.

15:00 hours - two more British regiments charge forward to assault the redoubt, only a throw of 6 on their morale test could prevent a break in on the redoubt - Jim throws... two sixes. The melee goes with the yankees and two more red coated regiments are routed. Derisive laughter can be heard from behind the breastwork. The grenadiers also charge and push back one of the brave colonial units but do not break them.

15:10 hours - An heroic militia regiment charges into the flank of the Grenadiers and with musketry support destroy the already weakened Brits

15:15 hours - Game Over

At this point we usually set up again and swap sides - however Richard and Jim are determined to reverse the embarrassing performance. Red Coats and Red Faces.

Always funny to see four consecutive morale failures. Quote of the day paraphrased from Dame Edna; "God has given me the gift of laughter ... at other peoples' misfortune."

The next game lasted a little longer as the Brits manoeuvred onto the flanks and blasted the poor colonials with well aimed musketry and long range artillery before charging in. Even the rebels gave a good account themselves before being overrun.

We agreed to swap sides for the third and final game.This led to much manoeuvering and hanging about by the Brits who hoped for better results from a thin skirmish line and a couple of cannon. Eventually a charge from one side of the redoubt managed to rout the weak and weakened militia. Equilibrium was restored.

Today's cheese was a very tasty Caerphilly.

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