Sunday, 11 April 2010

On the Shelf

Where is 2010 going. Already well into April and no additions to my ImagiNations armies this year. Yet the Work in Progress shelf groans under projects half done.

On the right half a dozen heavy cavalry divisions for 6mm Napoleonics painted years ago and now to be rebased on 5cm squares.

In the centre a half painted regiment of Zvezda Swedish Dragoons about to become the first horse regiment of the Duke of Fromagere. Three Italian tankettes and a couple of Vickers mkVI for a Greek 1941 army. (Next club game - Crossfire.)

And I have to admit being sucked into coincidences. I was half way through reading Shogun when I came across a glowing review of Zvezda's plastic samurai. Naturally when I found a couple of boxes in the model shops out came the wallet. £5 for a box of forty odd, really nice, figures is a bargain but the cost in time ...oh dear.

They are based on 12cm by 6cm for Impetus rules but I haven't decided what to do with the base yet. Sand and flock or simply paint?

" may be tempted to build up wargame armies of several periods. This is enticing, but it is madness!" wrote the Briagdier - Charge! page 116

Enticing. madness and irresistable!


  1. Well, color me MAD . . . and several times over (and over and over and over . . .)

    -- Jeff

  2. I've seen those Zvezda Japanese Samurai (mounted and unmounted) and even unpainted they are fantastic figures. I can well understand your enthusiasm for them.