Saturday, 19 June 2010

Life stopped play, for a while

Real life has tended to interrupt playtime quite a bit over the last couple of months; but I did manage to complete the regiment I was speedily painting in the last post. Moreover I have managed another unit as well.

With the three feet rule I've spent about ten hours actual work on each unit.

While the painting may leave a lot to be desired I have to say how please I am with the Zvezda figures. Very nicely sculpted in realistic proportions with no flash and few (if any) wasted figures in a box.

I wondered weather the magic wash would have any effect on plastic figures as they don't have the exagerated folds and creases found on most 28mm. After a little experimentation however it did create a very pleasant effect. One drawback I found was that it dissolved the black ink I used on the gaiter garters (rotring pen) - black paint henceforth.

I used a black wash all over the first regiment which was okay, but on the second I used a blue wash on the light blue coat and clear over the gaiters and head. I had already put a brown wash over the face. The blue wash was much more effective.

On the shelf is a half painted dragoon regiment for L'Armee de Fromagere.


  1. You may be using the three foot rule, but these brave lads look very good in the close up photos. Be of good cheer and paint more fo our enjoyment...

  2. I was wondering how you were doing,it's good to see them completed.

    I reckon you've done a fine job, the light blue looks very good.

    I like these Zvezda chaps, if I expand my armies I think I'll buy some.