Saturday, 14 August 2010

Belated Piccies

A few belated piccies from AWI Blackpowder game (thanks Ade)

Awaiting the redcoats arrival.

The American Second Line take up position

"Down with King George"

They may not be able to shoot very well but they're damned good at fencing.

American skirmishers skulking in woods.

American Second Line falls back

British press forward.

Continentals defend the town

......and the road


  1. Very nice pictures of very well painted units on on very nice terrain.

    Thanks for showing these pictures, I enjoyed reading your report below also.

    Black Powder is a nice set of rules IMO and I have just started a Napoleonic Peninsula project with 28mm plastics,I intend to use Black Powder as my ruleset for them.



  2. Great photos! PS I really like you new banner...

  3. Yes, very nice troops and terrain!