Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year


Snow has now gone from Fromagere and Weinpfalz but after watching German Art on BBC4 wanted to have a Caspar Friedrich painting.

Holidays almost over but managed a bit of painting last week.

One of the sure things about his time of year is that the camera is out of battery power. So no piccies of the four squadron dragoon unit newly recruited for Fromagere.

Being of a cheesy disposition I chose yellow coats - never again. I hate painting yellow. Figures were the delightful Zvezda Swedish GNW dragoons.

Also a new company for each of the three infantry units are well under way. This will bring the regiments up to 72 men and officers. The aim is to be able to be divide a regiment into two companies each giving a "battalion" of 32 hatmen and 4 officers. (Again Swedish Zvezda).

Santa proved generous this year. Some jolly nice CDs - Bach and Art Pepper (not jamming together but would have been interesting), a few boxes of Zvezda (GNW and SYW grenadiers) and the Duchess bought me a Kindle e-book. Downloaded "Brigadier Gerard" in seconds - for free - and "Barry Lyndon", though that was 74p!

New Year resolution - play more games.

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