Saturday, 30 April 2011

April Painting

April's always a busy month. Working in finance it usually means year end processes so I wasn't able to take advantage of the long Easter weekend. Having a garden and an allotment I have been a bit busy outside too.

I have tried to set aside half an hour a day to sit in the shed and do some painting. Personally I think I get more done in seven half hour stints a week than in one long sitting at the weekend.

So attached are piccies of the new Weinpfalz regiment.

Being of a lazy disposition I tried to speed up the processes even more than usual and tried a grey undercoat/primer courtesy of Halfords ie for car repairs, which I had seen recommended for 1/72 plastics elsewhere.

It looked excellent but started to flake off from the bayonets as soon as began to add a second coat. I continued with care with a heavy drybrush of light grey and then white. I'm hoping that the Klear overcoat will hold it all together.

The figures are Zvezda GNW Russians - I'm always surprised at how good Zvezda figures are

No more painting this weekend we're off to Clun for the Greenman Festival. Maypole, morris dancing and much beer no doubt.

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