Monday, 1 October 2012

Elblingberg - the conclusion

The Fusiliers de Brie pressed on but the fire from the defending Schereube Regiment was again devastating. It was all or nothing and the depleted fusiliers charged....

in vain. Closing fire disordered the fusiliers who retreated  in haste. 

In the centre the last throw of the dice for Fromagere and the Comte were ordered to advance and make the advantage in infantry numbers tell.  Georgia of Weinpfalz launched the reserve in the form of the Dragoner Blau. (as I had hoped to see how the rules worked).

Luck (?) deserted Weinpfalz and a third of the dragoons were laid low by closing fire and they would have the withdraw before making contact.

On the flank Weinpfalz also launched their yellow dragoons and broke the Schabzigers who  falling below half strength routed.

The Duke knew the game was up and the bluecoats were fortunate that nightfall would cover their retreat.


  1. I love the eye-candy, sir. Nice colorful units are a joy to look at.

    -- Jeff

  2. Lovely stuff, those Zvezda soldiers look smashing.