Sunday, 11 November 2012

Portable continues

Most C18 wargamers must be aware of Mr Duffy's works on Frederick and his army etc. I have reread them a number of times and love the maps of the principle battles.

The original intention of my portable wargaming project was to base up my old 6mm SYW collection and refight all Mr Duffy's mapped battles on a board  24 inches by 30. Naturally it's taking longer than anticipated but I have made a start rebasing. 

A Monet - esque picture of half a Prussian army. ie out of focus.

A cavalry wing. 

Hopefully I can finish these off and add an Austrian army this week. Mollwitz here I come.

In the meantime I have had another go with Mr Cordery's Portable Colonial Rules.

The Whisky Mac Regt line up with an Egyptian unit in support and a couple of gardner guns - a dozen bases in all. 

Opposing them a couple of dozen fuzzy wuzzy bases, only six of which had firearms. No artillery on either side.

Essentially it was a simplified version of the first scenario in C S Grant's Scenarios for Wargamers. (Note: must make some squared terrain) 

The natives won the first initiative and cautiously advanced, bringing their few firearm bases into range. To little effect however. As might be expected the Imperial fire brought down a number of fuzzy wuzzies, due primarily to the large number of machine gun dice.  

Undeterred the natives charged in and hand to hand ensued. Although they managed to destroy one Highlander base again the natives came off worst. 

Against the Egyptian the natives won a few of the combats but the brave Egyptians fell back in order.

The third native force came to hit the Imperial force on the "hinge" hoping to take out one of the gardners but the firepower proved too deadly. and again the melee went the way of the Imperial force as the natives proved incapable of "saving" their poor combat throws. As they had suffered more than 50% losses the brave fuzzy wuzzy withdrew.

I thought a 2:1 ration might make this a fair fight but the Imperial fire power proved too telling on the advancing natives. 

I am pondering a couple of house rules. One being an ability to support in close combat, perhaps DBA style, and secondly perhaps some sort of "pin" when hit by firing rather than just pushed back.

All in all a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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