Thursday, 13 December 2012

I had quick run through Twilight of the Sun King with only a few units. It quickly got bogged down, as it often did in Marlburian battles and having only a few units on table was a bit dull. After a couple of dozen dice throws only a two or three “hits” were inflicted. I don’t think these rules are what I require for this type of game but I think we’ll try them out for large games over a few hours, which is of course what they were written for.

I also got out old favourite Volley and Bayonet (which has a grid variant on the helpful Volley and Bayonet site) and was having a good game but after an hour had only really just got started. Moreover the multi dice throwing and record keeping wasn’t they way I wanted to go either.

So it was back to the original rule thoughts but with a few embellishments. Some sort of attrition needs to be introduced and possibly reintroducing musketry fire. However I do want to keep single dice for combat resolution.

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