Sunday, 6 January 2013

Chotositz 1742

It was back to the rules drawing board for the Battle of Chotositz. I started with the premise of 3 and 3. Each unit has an attrition rate of 3 and would be allowed 3 dice for firing and/or melee. This will of course need some fine tuning, artillery for example gets 3 dice at close range, but 2 and 1 for medium and long ranges respectively. Elite units and cuirassiers may get an additional dice.

The whole Austrian army advance against the brigade of cavalry, lined up in front of Cirkwitz pond, and the five regiments of foot resting their flank on the town of Chotositz. Miniature dice placed on the unit base measures hits on the unit.


The aim of the Austrian commander, Charles of Lorraine, is to destroy what he believes to be an isolated Prussian army. Frederick however had broken camp early and was either racing to assist Prince Leopold or was waiting behind the curtains as the Austrians were enticed into an assault (depending on the source). Either way all the Prussians on table have to is hold on.

 Austrian cavalry on both wings charge.

Austrian cavalry charge into disordered Prussian as they cross the marshy stream

... and are repulsed by lucky dice.

On the opposite wing The Prussians lose a brigade of cuirassiers but the second repulses their opposition. The infantry take casualties from efficient musketry.

The cavalry battles rage on on the wings but the Austrians exchange fire when they ought to be charging home.

 The white coats numbers begin to tell but they can't break into the village.

However by move 7 the Prussians are reinforced by a slightly tardy Frederick and their position in untenable.
These embryonic rules gave a more satisfying game than the previous DBA style but the casualty marker dice are both too fiddly and too unsightly. Some sort of marker is required.


  1. This project of yours is very interesting to me, I've got loads of 6mm 18th century models sitting idle in their boxes and this could be a good way of getting them into action.

    I'll follow your progress with much interest.


  2. An enjoyable gaming report .Thanks for posting it.
    best wishes