Monday, 26 December 2016

The twelve days (months) of a Wine and Cheese Christmas

 January 2016
We started the year with our continuing search for "modern" rules for Jim's excellently painted WWI figures. Naturally we started with one of our favourite rules publishers, Ganesha Games, and their "Flying Lead".


 The first scenario was based on the classic "Sawmill Village".


But the firepower meant that both sides hunkered down in cover and it petered out into an indecisive long range firefight.

So we gave that up an tried a 1916 classic "Charge the Trenches!"

The British settled down behind the sandbags.

The expected long massacre didn't materialise as expected and the Germans got close enough to lob a grenade or two and managed to get a foot in a trench before being wiped out

I do like Ganesha Games skirmish rules engine but our multi player requirements push it to its limits. So the search continued