Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Battle of Spatlesse Bridge

The beautiful and wiley opponent General Bojallay, my daughter Georgia. Having arrayed the forces of Weinpfalz.

the tale continues................

Count Olaf placed both hands flat on the large oval table and looked at his generals. "There must never be a bridge between our land and the frightful Fromagere," he said. "The pontoon at Spatlesse must be destroyed before the cheese-eaters have time to fortify the town and encroach into the water meadows." General Bojollay was first to his feet. "Give me the honour my Lord, and in ten days I will have the bridge in a million pieces." "Thankyou Bojallay." Count Olaf bowed to his youngest general. At only 53 General Bojallay had not suffered the ignominy of most of Weinpfalz's military tradition. "Very well, take two regiments of infantry and a battery; and please bring the pontoon back in fewer pieces than a million. It may prove useful." "and perhaps a few horse sire?" "Yes, yes. Bring the pontoon back in a weeks time Bojollay and we'll hold a ball in you honour." "Fail, and he hold your balls in a vice," whispered witty General L'Ambrusco.

Within two days Bojollay led his small force down onto the watermeadows of Spatlesse only to find that he was expected.

Being out of focus may account for the totally ineffective fire of Fromagere arillery. No casualties are inflicted in move one.

Rashly, the Fusilers de Brie march over the cause of the conflict to meet the Weinpfalzers.

Patiently the Weinpfalz dragoons wait for the Fusiliers to form line.... and then charge. Huzzzaahh!

A less than withering fire takes only a couple of dragoons from their saddles and the resulting melee proves indecisive and goes on for a second round. The dragoons cut down a few poor infantrymen but with artillery support for the Fusilers honours are even and both units must withdraw to rally

(at long last I get to play with a set of rules bought in 1977)

On the Fromagere left the Roquefort Regiment are more cautious and form up along the riverbank. The Spatburgunders march up in fine order and receive a volley at short range. A furious firefight ensues.

With an evil laugh of triumph General Bojollay follows up the retreating Fusilers and takes control of the bridge head. A wild volley from the head of column lays down three more Fusiliers and brings their total casualty count over 50%.

With one regiment retreating with fewer than half of it's men remaining and the other also near that mark the forces of Fromagere declare discretion the better part of valour and make their weary way back to the city of Roquefort and quite possibly a year's latrine duty.

As the pontoons were loaded onto their wagons General Bojollay wondered whether a triumphal arch on the small hill in his country estate would be too ostentatious.
Perhaps he might even get to dance with Countess at the celebratory ball


  1. This to me is wargaming at it's best.
    Your set up is spot on for "Charge". Well done!.
    I try to get my son to have a game but I usually end up playing against the teddy bear!!!.


  2. A spirited affair well done. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Wonderful "old school" terrain and minis and all! (I had to laugh about the youngest general being 53 - same age as me! lol)
    And very cool to see your daughter getting involved (and beating the old man! ;) ).

  4. Ah yes, I suspect that General Bojollay would definitely improve recruiting results if she participated in a local con.
    Occasionally my wife games against me (I've learned to make sure she rolls the dice for the side I want to win) ... and we Frankfurters agree ... Those Cheezers must be restrained!!

  5. I like the table set-up: simple and straightforward. Goes well with the brightly painted armies - the sort of game that would attract me across a crowded room...

  6. Old School Lace Wargaming at its best!
    And, how lucky you are to have an 'opponent' at home!

  7. Bravo for General Bojollay!

    A great-looking game and I'm sure a most charming opponent.

    -- Jeff

  8. Nice set up - I am about to play Blasthof myself. I have also used cheese to name many of my regiments.

    Mark (a systems guy for a charity in Leeds)

  9. Well done, 'a homage to Blasthof'

    -- Allan

  10. I am late with this, but permit me to compliment you on the Fromagere gunners. Purple is an audacious yet visually arresting choice, entirely appropriate for an ImagiNation.