Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Butler did it!

Yet again the bane of the wargamer stalks Castle Vallejo. Project dispersion!!!

January has seen no recruitment to the imagiNation armies, too cold for the press gangs of Colonel Boursain no doubt.

Instead an old club project has raised it's head in the form of 28mm American War of Independence.

Many years ago we started this and it petered out due to a lack of rules we liked. However we going to try again, possibly using Will's AWI rules from freewargamerules or even a variant of Volley and Bayonet.

Either way it's splitting out the old twenty man units into twelves, not a natural division.

As always some bare lead turned up in the dungeons (ie a box in the shed) and I have sploshed some paint on it to give me a unit of Butlers Rangers. Not the prettiest unit in the world but no doubt will throw just as many dice as their more attractive enemies. Co-inkadinkally there were eighteen figures in the box giving a formed unit of twelve and a skirmish unit of six. Serendipitous.

I calculate this will be our tenth "tricorn" project in all conflicts and scales. Is this confirmation that the C18 is the "best" period for the wargamer?

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