Monday, 14 March 2011

That was February that was

Only just realised that there were nil posts in February. The armies of Fromagere and Weinpfalz once again took a back seat to another diversion. Having had a look at the Songs of Drums and Shakoes rules Richard reminded me that he had a couple of dozen Front Rank Peninsula Brits all ready and raring to fight.

So a quick note to Front Rank and within a couple of days a couple of dozen froggie voltigeurs were on the painting table. Not much flash to remove and I gave them a black gesso undercoat, then a drybrush white. The idea is that when the colour goes on the shadows fall in naturally.

And it does work to some degree. Another dry brush over the top should do nicely.

A few piccies attached of the boys two thirds completed.

I have to admit that whilst putting together the armies of wine and cheese I had some qualms about opting to go with 1/72 plastic when there are such splendid metal figures out there.

Having spent so much time painting up a score of Front Rank I think I was right. I've enjoyed painting the bigger boys but I can't ignore the detail. And there's a lot more lace on a SYW grenadier. I would think it would take me half a year to paint up a regiment of 72 28mm figures.

Of course such a regiment would cost me £75 not a fiver.


  1. A very fine diversion Prince Lupus,nice paint jobs, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this project.



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  3. Nice to see some updates.The Frenchies are looking good.