Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tiny Zulu

When Jim told us that he had painted a complete Zulu army of 1,200 figures in a weekend I should have expected him to bring them in a shoebox.

However a good time was had by all as a beleaguered British camp await a relief force that probably wouldn't make it across the veldt.

The splendid 6mm camp proved more than capable of holding off repeated attacks.

Natal horse valiantly charge the iNdlondlo in a vain attempt to protect the main column.

A game that swung to and fro with dastardly hidden units of zulu eventually over powering the relief column despite it's awesome fire power.

Another airing for Black Powder which gave an unpredictable and fun game. Despite my lancers failing to charge for three successive moves.

Sadly this was Birmingham Wargames Society penultimate meeting at the Community Centre that has been it's home for forty years. Council cuts mean that we can no longer be accommodated at an affordable cost. No doubt we'll find somewhere else to pursue our odd past time.

Not all things are bad in Brum. I spent an extremely pleasant hour at Birmingham University's Centre for Early Music Performance last week. Bach, Scarlatti, Telemann and Purcell - the Duke's favourites - performed by very talented students from all over the world. Nice to hear this stuff played on contemporary instruments.


  1. Genuinely sorry to hear you have lost that location. No doubt the council will make more money from leaving it empty.

  2. Cheers Jimbo - we are now ensconced the other side of the dual carriageway in the social club. Not as cozy but there is a bar.

  3. But does the bar sell the specialist stuff I remember seeing knocking about like?

    Glad you've found a new home.