Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Charge meets Blackpowder

Being of a sad disposition I tend to find myself reading wargames rules for fun. I seem to have aquired dozens over the years.

A month ago I had a couple of thoughts about introducing morale tests to my Charge games. So when I was perusing Blackpowder last night it became apparent that that the 50% rule in Charge might be considered the same point as Shaken occurs in Black Powder ie the moment of crisis when the unit must be tested to see whether is breaks.

Not a 100% sure where this is going but my initial thoughts are that a) a unit takes no more casualties beyond 50% or rather they are not removed but count towards a morale test, b) a "break" test at this point would give a little more unpredictability to Charge.

Time for a snifter and more thought.

1 comment:

  1. I have found that even though the 50% mark is fixed, the rate at which casualties are taken is not. Since I have seen units only a couple of figures above 1/2, hang in there longer than expected, in some cases winning melees and carrying on etc. So I don't find it all that predictable.

    I also note that we often remove units when they hit 50% but technically they just retreat and have penalties so aren't out of the battle.

    If you do try a morale test, it might be interesting to see if units retreat sooner as well as hanging in later.