Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"...to war sir"

Couriers were swiftly dispatched to the barracks around Weinpfalz and when Count Olaf and General Bojollay reached the river Wein four battalions of foot, four regiments of dragoons and a battery of field guns had mustered on the river bank. Across the river the enemy could be seen. And in superior numbers.

"An attack is out of the question at the moment," said Bojollay. "Until reinforcements arrive at least."

"And if they attack?" asked Olaf.

"We might hold them."

The next morning however it seemed that the problem had gone away for while the fires across the river had been maintained all night the Dukes army was not to be seen when the morning mist rose.

Breakfast was soon spoiled however when a couple of bedraggled dragoons raced into camp, their steeds a lather.

"They've crossed downstream my Lord, and are marching this way."

In the distance the sound of beating drums could be heard. "Sly old fox," muttered Olaf. Then: "Fetch my horse, we'll make a stand here. Sound the drums - to arms"

Fromagere horse and foot advance (very fast hence slightly out of focus)

Ranks of infantry in perfect step - the yellow cross of Fromagere fluttering in the morning breeze

Awaiting nervously the white coats of first battalion Muscat Regiment form up behind the Blue Dragoons.

On the right the Rielsling Fusiliers are supported by two more dragoon regiments

The Duke of Fromagere does not hesitate and the Camembert Cuirassiers charge home sending the Green dragoons off in disarray.

In the centre the Fromagere infantry roll on inexorably although the fine shooting of the Weinpfalz battery takes it's toll.

The long white line of Weinpfalz infantry await the advance and fire.

Which rapidly depletes les Musketeers Morbier, but the Fusiliers de Brie and Roquefort Regiment press on...

... with the bayonet. Two rounds of cannister do not prevent the clash.

and the Muscats are routed.

The long white line crumbles but Olaf and Bojollay manage a relatively ordered withdrawal although the Violet dragoons are sacrificed.

A nice game with slightly amended Charge rules although the 6' by 4' table mean little manoeuvring was possible hence the Duke's head on attack. (Played by son Jack who never fails to beat me).

I noted the rule amendments previously in a previous posting (18/12/11). The adoption of quicker (relatively) melee rules for cavalry worked fine although I am unsure whether the whole of the front line should be taken into account or just the troopers in contact. I took the latter although Grand Manner and (I think) Holiday Centre rules take the whole line whether in contact with the enemy or not.

Saving on 4,5,6 for cavalry and artillery shooting casualties seemed an ideal solution to halving casualties that were already half a dice ( and ending up with quarters and eighths). For the record we always rounded down eg three and a half is three.

As for the adoption of the morale tests - the jury is still out. I am not sure they added much to the game but didn't get in the way either. One to ponder for next time.

Will the Duke of Fromagere press on and claim his bride?


  1. Great looking game, your amendments are very interesting and I may copy them for my own battles. I have the same problems of time to play and a 6x4 maximum table size and I can't get a decent game of "Charge" without having a full day to set up, play and put away. It isn't very often I can manage that!.

    Thanks for a very inspiring blog and I'll closely follow your adventures in the Wars of Wine and Cheese.


  2. Nice looking game and armies.

    A gaming table is never big eneough, I struggle with my 8'x3' table sometimes..

    -- Allan