Saturday, 30 June 2012

Campaign Tree

Many months ago Bluebear Jeff challenged the EvE community to create a mini campaign using a few scenarios from Brigadier Grant's Scenarios for Wargamers. Now in possession of the fine tome I have taken up the challenge for the armies of Fromagere and Weinpfalz. Initially I will try a short three game campaign.

I had intended to wait until I had prepared more "Old School" type terrain peices but I will press on and therefore begin with an encounter based on scenario - #40 Dominant Hill. This requires minimal terrain and will get us off the mark

The scenario suggests seven units a side and is simple reconaissance strength encounter. The mission - to seize and hold the crossroads. However control can only be achieved by ensuring possession of the village and the hill that dominates all approaches.

The next scenario will depend upon who wins the first game. The campaign is based upon an invasion of Weinpfalz by the forces of the old fox the Duke of Fromagere so should they lose they will need to fall back over the River Wein. So the scenario will be based on #6 Rear Guard but with an evacuation over the river rather than the sea.

This would be followed by a Weinpfalz attack on Fromagere adopting scenario #19 Assault River Crossing. A tricky one, trying to establish a bridghead in the face of the enemy. This would end this campaign and I would begin another.

However should the wily Duke manage to win the first game then scenario #1 Positional Defence will see Count Olaf commanding defending his country on a table that looks very like a mini Fontenoy.

Defeat for Otto would lead to Reinforcing a Town scenario #14 where another loss would mean a campaign victory for the Duke.

With good luck and a following breeze battle will commence on the morrow.

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  1. Thank you for your new "Mini-Campaign". I will look forward to your battle reports.

    I have added a link to it (and a re-post of all of the other mini-campaigns) on EvE:

    -- Jeff