Thursday, 12 July 2012

Elblingberg II

I had intended to play this game solo but once I began to put the table together my arch wargaming enemy, daughter Georgia, said that she would be pleased to beat me again. I was interested to see if she would pick up the revised rules, which I thought were simple but this would be a good test.

This was to be the first game in the mini campaign, based on a number of Charles Grants’ scenarios, number 40 Dominant Hill.

I want a fairly bare Old School type table for these games and when the crossroads were placed on the table it looked a bit crowded so I removed them and made the two hills and the village the objectives instead.

The scenario called for seven units each. The respective armies were:

Weinpfalz       Horse:             Gelb Dragoner, Blau Dragoner
                        Foot:               Muscat Regt (2 battalions)
                                                Riesling Fusilier (2 battalions)
                                                Scheurebe (1 battalion)
                        Artillery:         Grune Battery

Fromagere      Horse:             Schabziger Chevauxlegers
                        Foot:               Roquefort Regt (2 battalions)
                                                Fusiliers de Brie (2 battalions)
                                                Comte (2 battalions)
                        Artillery:         Alpha Battery

For simplicity I amended the rules to alternate moves; naturally Georgia won the toss and moved first. Without hesitation she divided her force. One brigade marched directly to Elbling town and the other to the small hill on the right. I asked why she had left a battalion and a battery apparently isolated in the centre. “I don’t know which side which side will need their help,” she replied.

Grrrrrrr wargamers using reserves – whatever next?

It became apparent that Fromagere moving second was at a distinct disadvantage. (note to change rules back to simultaneous movement). However the blue coats marched forward in fine style and the battery was deployed on the Elblingberg overlooking the town. And very ineffective it proved to be.  With Count Olaf and the Weinpflaz forces in possession of two objectives there was only one way – “Vorwarts”.

Firstly the Gelb Dragoner needed to be pushed back before the Fromagere infantry could move forward without their flank being threatened. The Schabziger Chevauxlegers were ordered to charge and without hesitation were off. I ought to have recalled Georgia’s dice throwing ability and the poor green coated horsemen lost six to the Gelb’s one casualty. The Schabzigers withdrew in haste but the Weinpfalzers were left having to rally too.

The Roquefort Regt moved forward but rather than charging the well defended town immediately decided on a musketry duel. The Comte 1st battalion were moved forward to support but couldn’t wheel to face the town without presenting their flank to the well placed Weinpfalz reserve.

On the Fromagere left the Fusiliers de Brie advanced towards the hill on a broad front of two battalions They too faced a cavalry regiment as well as a hill defended with the Riesling Fusiliers and two guns. “He who hesitates…” etc.

Count Olaf, with two objectives in hand, simply waited for the assault. The Muscat Regt in Elbling town took aim and delivered a devastating volley taking down eleven of the Roquefort heroes.

On the left the firing was not quite so effective but I had to take away three poor soldiers back to the box.

Round one to Weinpfalz


  1. Well done. Two well turned-out forces and a nasty little engagement to boot. What more could one ask for? Thanks for posting.

  2. Wonderful stuff, those Zvezda models look great and the green bases and table are spot on.

    Looking forward to more.


  3. An exciting report, and so pleasantly illustrated: looking eagerly forward to enjoy the next round!

    A lucky man an happy father, he who has a wargaming partner at home!

  4. She kept a reserve, did she? Well good for her (bad for you).

    At least you can be a proud (though defeated) father.

    -- Jeff

  5. Not looking good for Fromagere so far? Can they turn it round? I guess the next exciting instalment will tell us. In the meqantime, you have two very fine armies there. Well done!