Friday, 29 March 2013

DB Distraction

I had intended to try out a DB variant for my coffee table trip through the battles of Frederick the Great.

Not having played DBAnything for many years I was new to the DB treasure trove that is and immediately was sidetracked by Hordes of the Empire (HOTE).

I pulled the Sudan box from the attic and had a quick go.

Although using Mr Pigs figures based up for Patrol in the Sudan there was no problem adopting the DBA square rules for speeding up movement and aiding the frontage issues DBA can pose.

Using the points system of HOTE a couple of armies were quickly knocked together. Mostly hordes for the Mahdi but also three warbands and three shooters, with an artillery piece added.

Nothing too fancy, just a quick try of the rules, so an all out advance by the Mahdists was quickly brought to a halt by the fire of the Imperial forces and the 9th Hussars came round the flank. The Horses of Ansar are recycled at too slow a rate at the bottom table edge.

The Hussars flank the captured Krupps but made hard work of taking it.

 Poor command dice eventually cost the Mahdi the battle but it was a fun way to waste an hour.

I need to paint up a base or two of Mahdi cavalry to counter those hussars.

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