Sunday, 24 March 2013


I revisited Twilight of the Sun King rules for the next quick SYW squared rules. However I incorporated the morale test at various points in the turn sequence, for units under bombardment, wishing to charge home and as a reaction to friends routing. The close combat was however a competitive exercise rather than a morale test.

They worked okay but, yet again, not what I was after as they were just too slow and require too many markers.

Hohenfriedburg was a battle of two halves and given that the first half was a foregone conclusion I had a go at the second.  The Prussians lining up against the tardy Austrians, the right wing pursuing Saxons.

The "forgotten" super regiment of Bayreuth charge home.

.... and are repulsed. These Austrians have not read their Duffy!!!!!!!!

After an hour and half of fairly tedious dice throwing these rules are destined for the waste bin.

I have been reading with interest the blog  and DBA variants.

I'll give them a go.

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