Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 (cont)

We like Ganesha Games' The Songs of.... sets of rules. They are a simple but subtle set of skirmish rules, although we do stretch them to their limits with large table multi player games. In 2015 we had four games based on this rules engine.

(The loss of my camera unfortunately means few piccies of poor quality.)


This mess of felt and trees gave an interesting WW1 skirmish using Flying Lead. You can make out the trenches at the top of the picture. The final assault (surprisingly?) did not go well.....

We also used them in a great WW2 Normandy game. The highlight for me was getting my sergeant to jump out of the front door shoot a couple of jerries with my sten and jump back inside, the hail of reactive fire chipping the walls around me. Yep great rules. Until the Germans crossed up stream and wiped us out :(.

 Tony didn't seem to want to move from behind the hedge.

Another favourite is Jim's Indian Mutiny game using Songs of Drums and Shakoes. Especially these ladies looking for the back door.

Whilst we also used the rules for the "correct" period too. Here French assault British troops


who found themselves holed up in battered house.

If you haven't tried these rules they are whole heartedly recommended.

Hopefully in 2016 we'll try the Dark Age rules as an alternative to Saga (I'm not that keen).

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