Monday, 28 December 2015


So, all has been quiet in the land of Wine and Cheese due to a number of reasons (excuses). However some wargaming activity has occurred during 2015. I’ll make a brief note thereof below as a sort of personal diary for myself.

And of course there are even more plans and dreams whirring about what passes for my brain. Of which more anon.

2015 started and ended, coincidentally, with scenarios based on old favourite: Guilford Courthouse.

January 2015.

An American Rebellion game.

Using Blackpowder rules, which we made use of a few time in 2013 and 2014 but this was the last game we used them. I am a little critical of them, particularly the layout of the book, but they generally provide a fun game and although none of our group love them no one overly objects to playing them.

If I recollect correctly the rebellious colonials put up a damn good good show right from the start whereas the British and particularly the Hessians were very hesitant to push forward.

This slow start made a tactical draw inevitable and a strategic victory for General Greene

December 2015

Our Christmas game was also in America but almost a century later. Using a club favourite - Fire and Fury the Union took the part of the British hoping to quickly push aside a weak confederate force and take the town.

The Union Corps advance towards a depleted Confederate division

Pressing on through difficult terrain

To meet with stout resistance.

Again the defenders proved too good and the attack petered out on the second line of defence. 

Fire and Fury usually provides a good game whilst playing but is never entirely satisfying. The mechanics often giving surprising results that can be amusing if you are not on the wrong end of them but I find the game rarely provides a result and tends to end in a stalemate of less than half strength brigades hanging on for too long. I suppose more thought needs to go into the scenarios.


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