Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Chance Encounter

Perhaps in haste Count Otto gathered the units currently under arms and crossed the river Wein unchallenged. General Bojallay was to follow with a similar force within the week once the troops were brought back to quarters.

Otto's intention was to secure the bridgehead at Spatlesse, which he did unopposed. Now he could wait for Bojollay or advance on the village of Cathare and secure the important crossroads. He may manage it without a fight if undertaken speedily. Being young and adventurous he pressed on.

However as the army approached the village the enemy could be seen marching from the opposite direction. The race was on.

Count Otto leads his army to the field colours flying high, south of the orchard wall..

The Fromagerians come forth deployed

 The advance Weinpfalz battalion enters Cathare

...but the remainder halt before advancing cavalry and open fire with artillery 

The Duc's battery replies in kind

At the other end of the field the lone Weinpfalz squadron is charged by one of two Fromagere squadrons and is repulsed.

The Fromage infantry advance towards he village and are soon in musketry range... which proves ineffective against an enemy defending a village.

So it's in with the bayonet

But the assault fails.

On the Fromagere left the cavalry battle rages on.

After a successful artillery barrage the Duc orders another assault on the village but it is beaten back. However it brings the defenders to half strength - and they must withdraw

Sensing victory impatient dragoons charge in but are driven back by musketry.

Defence of the the village is taken on by another Weinpfalz regiment leaving the line depleted. The Fromagere artillery proves devastating whilst the Weinpfalzer's powder must be damp.

With their cavalry routed and an infantry battalion withdrawing the steady losses to the remaining infantry leave them susceptible to the enemy squadrons.

 Count Otto chooses discretion as the better part of valour and the field is left to Duc Reynard


  1. What a spectacular battle!, one day I must make myself some proper old school terrain like yours.

    I look forward to more campaigning.

  2. Cheers Paul, I love those German card buildings you recommended.

  3. Great set-up, figures, and battle! Well done.

    Best Regards,


  4. A fine and elegant set up, and an excellent little beginning action.