Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It's war - again

The “War of Wilhelmina’s hand” was a short lived campaign but the countess still deemed it necessary for the victory to be celebrated and the fallen remembered. Revenge was on no one’s mind.

Until, a few month’s later, the Duc de Fromagere proclaimed that his “wedding day guard” withdrew from the lands of Weinpfalz only when he realised that Wilhelimina was not the beauty he thought she was and that he hadn’t wanted to marry such an old harridan.

"There are are better looking cows in the meadows along the river Wein,"  the Duke had said.

Such an insult could not be borne. Count Otto summoned his generals and called for the maps of Fromagere. 

It was to be war: again.


  1. *Great* to have a new war, and as always here with such a fitting excuse : cheers!