Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Reinforcements in defence

The Weinpfalzers retreated again but still in order. After a long march through the night and most of the next day the river Wein was reached.  

There had been an exchange of ADC's with General Bojollay who had crossed the river further south and was marching to join forces. This was not wholly good news. Otto would have preferred to cross into friendly territory immediately and burn the bridge behind him.

Now however he must wait for the other half of his army or abandon Bojollay to another long march back with the risk of being caught by a superior enemy force.

Again Otto prepared his army in a defensive position. It was possible that Duc Reynard would let them slip away without a fight - no of course it wasn't.

More than likely he would swoop in for the kill quickly, before Bojollay arrived, and then turn to beat the old general.

Otto spreads his little army thinly on the high ground between the enemy and the river.

 The Duc de Fromagere leads his force swiftly forward.

 Weinpfalzer cannons blaze away with little success.

 By move three musketry duels begin. On the horizon the vanguard of old general Bojollay's forces can be seen

 In the centre the fighting is desperate and the Brie Fusiliers charge in beating back the Spatburgunders and capturing two cannon: the Weinpfalz centre wavers

However Bojollay forms up his force in a second line

The Scheurebe dragoons take that as a cue to charge the now depleted Brie Fusiliers

...and ride them down to a man

 On the Fromagere left the Dragoons Vert try their luck against the Riesling Regt, but are driven back by musketry.

The Weinpfalz front line has had a unit withdraw due to casualties and another has been brought back before it also collapses. The Fromagere front line is wavering too.

 .. and as the Weinpfalz second line moves up the Fromagere's are driven back off the hill. The battle is now between the second lines

Both sides reform and reorder

A squadron of Spatlesse dragoons finds the room to charge the guns. They are driven back but have taken the heat off the infantry who take advantage with a devastating volley into the Comte musketeers who are close to breaking.

The Green Dragoons persevere against the Weinpfalz flank and break through the infantry only to face the reformed Spatlesse Regiment.

In the centre a large gap appears in the Weinpfalz line, but the cavalry is not there to exploit it.

They have been routed by the Spatlesse Horse which means that the Fromagere army has now had more than half their units routed or withdrawing. The collective morale has failed and they must withdraw from the field leaving Count Otto and General Bojollay unlikely victors.


  1. Terrific stuff, some very ferocious fighting indeed!.

  2. Yep! This is getting to be really good.

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  3. This is a splendid campaign - lovely series of posts. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments chaps - it's been a splendid way to spend a couple of weeks off work.

  5. Super stuff, very enjoyable

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  6. Hi Prince,
    What a marvelous campaign you have going! Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, shouldn't it be Spatburgers? ;)


    1. Spatburgers indeed! Count Otto will not be happy.

  7. Wonderful eye candy, indeed!!!