Sunday, 16 February 2014

1/72 Metal

Continuing my withdrawal from the black hole of inertia I have continued to empty the half painted shelf.

These guys have been waiting for a coat of varnish and proper bases for a few months. They are metal 1/72 figures from Mr John Cunningham.

A generic 1740s figure they are an excellent match for the 1/72 Zvezdas I have used for the ImagiNation wars. For some reason I went for the Imperial Austrian look, can’t recall why, but one can’t have Emperor v Elector without some of the Emperor’s own. They have painted up okay and at 50p each haven’t broken the bank.

Being a clumsy oaf a couple of bayonets have already gone missing although they are no more fragile than any other metal figure. One can bounce 1/72 plastics off the wall and just lose a little paint!

There are quite a few interesting 1/72 metal figures out there, particularly in Euroland. (Does that mean I live in Poundland?).

These can supplement the interesting ranges of plastics from Zvezda, and more recently from Hat.


  1. I was not aware of John Cunningham's figures. They are very nice indeed, well proportioned and detailed.
    Have you a link?,

    1. Hiya Paul,

      He also revived the Wodensfeld French figures:
      as far as I know there is no website - John kept a blog but has not been updated for a while.

  2. They look just fine. I would try them if I wasn't committed to SYW in a larger scale.


    there's a contact email address here

    cheers Old John