Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Coffee table campaign

It is a wargame truism that a campaign is always better than one off games. So I thought that I could have a quick coffee table campaign over the next few weeks before the financial year end grinds me down and steals my time. The intention was to use the Austrians and Prussians C18 but I quickly got bogged down in relatively complicated detail so that has gone out of the proverbial window. Perhaps for later.

So for a simple campaign on a small table thoughts naturally turned to the DBA system, particularly as there are a few hints on playing with programmed leaders on the Fanaticus web site. However as I don’t have half a dozen ancient armies it’s going to be Napoleonics. Starting with the six nation DBA map it’s going to be France, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain and, obviously, Bavaria.

The rules will be square based and vaguely DBesque.

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