Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Back to the coffee table

I tend not venture the five yards to the wargames shed whilst is it cold and dark and last winter I played around with the coffee table wargames project. Due to various reasons, primarily laziness, I haven’t revisited this project this winter except in my head.

So back to it. One of the things I wasn’t overly happy with was the look of the grids on the painted surface so I’ve used half a peter pig table, measuring 36 inches by 30, which is a bit larger than before but still coffee table-ish. And the squares have been abandoned.

Inspired by C18th Sojourn I’ve retried the DBA extensions for horse and musket.

Setting up a random table I had a quick bash with 6mm Austrians and  Prussians. somewhere in Silesia 1745.

I soon remembered why I wasn’t 100% happy with these rules as units recoiled from long range artillery and lost their lines far too quickly.

The lack of squares also slowed the game down significantly. Whilst playing an opponent the time taken measuring is diluted with the banter and chatter but when playing solo it becomes a chore when time is of the essence.

My aim is a game in an hour (whilst the Duchess bathes or watches some interminable murder programme on the TV). I suspect some form of grid will return.

 They opposing forces line up, with flanks protected.

 Prussian cavalry front the vineyards and grenadiers hold the village

 Austrian massed cavalry

 meets the Prussian attack

 The Austrian line advances
 to meet the blue line

and is repulsed.

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