Sunday, 9 February 2014

Paralysis by analysis

Too much reading blogs and too much contemplation has probably led to to the inertia that seems to have taken me over, or rather my wargaming hobby. There really is just too much to think about.

Which period, which figures, which are the best rules, how can they be improved, what shall I paint first, I just can't paint well enough, fast enough.......Aaaargh that lead pile is getting higher.

So the plan for now is to start with the half painted pile that as been clogging up the shelf over the painting table.

Starting with the most complete  - I went for the Samurai. (Easy wins first). Which were almost finished in 2010 - four years on the painting shelf. Too silly. Having also recently seen 47 Ronin a bit of nippon mojo came my way too.

As for rules I intend to go for the DBR R (or possibly HOTT if my daughter insists on witches and dragons)

Being 1/72, very nice Zezda figures, basing gave me a bit of an obstacle as 4cm frontage was too small and 6cm too big. Obvious - so they are based on 5cm frontages. Goodness me a decision.

So for your delectation and delight a Samuari DBRR (or HOTT) army. 

Cavalry next. And where can I get a 1/72 dragon?


  1. Nice-looking troops, sir . . . and, of course, you want an Oriental Dragon, don't you?

    -- Jeff

  2. The nicest thing about mythical creatures is that they come in all sizes and shapes. A dragon could be as small as Mushu from Mulan to a Godzilla type that shakes the earth with every the options are wide open!

  3. Very nice little army.
    Also, that's very true about dragon scales.