Monday, 24 February 2014

Austria stirs

Being led by an incompetent, as decided by the pre campaign dice, Austria has to attack. There is a choice of Bavaria, Dresden or Russia. The dice chooses and it's poor old Dresden that gets it again. And Prussia stand to fight. Neither side request reinforcements!

The armies meet. (I have divided the board into six rather than the usual DBA four to determine terrain so a little more than last time).

Austria moves first and doesn't hesitate in their advance, throwing two light infantry brigades out on their left. Prussia deploys between two villages and holds back their heavies in reserve.

The Austrian hussars get stuck in straight away but are routed.

.....away they go. It will need pips to stop them in these rules.

The Prussians take advantage of the gap left by the hussars rout and advance, some through the vineyeards (of Dresden?)

Austrian cuirassiers begin a flanking movement around the village. And the artillery continue their ineffective long range fire. 

The Prussian advance seems inexorable and Austrian foot retreats in haste before it.

The rallied hussars however rout the Prussian Uhlans leaving the Prussian flank exposed

Unfortunately Austrian command fails to roll good enough dice to take advantage and the bluecoats press on without mercy.

 Finally, on the other flank much manoeuvring has led to the clash of heavy cavalry, and the Austrians are pressed back, one brigade being routed

The Prussians go vorwarts and push the cuirassiers into the woods

On their right the Prussians have effectively broken the Austrians and the fourth unit is lost.

The Prussians win again, without loss, for a second time.

 Again they had good fortune both with their combat dice and with the Austrian inability to take advantage of the one situation where the Prussians may have pressed too far. The incompetent commanders pip handicap may have proved crucial again. Dresden remains in Prussian hands and two enemies have sadly depleted forces.

Now what will Bavaria do?

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  1. I'm enjoying this campaign (even if Napoleonics isn't really my thing). Any chance of seeing the map please?